Location results wireframe with added information and updated design

Original location search results

Approach: Provide Timely Information
Cards were designed to easily give users the basic information on each lab and then let them expand a section to see more. The open status and wait times are listed together at the top for quick access to real time information.

Variations of cards to show how the design can adapt to different situations.

Incorporating User Feedback
User testing showed that listing wait times on the map had an impact on users who were making appointments. This information should have been irrelevant to them as wait times are only for walk-ins. To solve for this I redesigned the interface to default to standard map markers, but allowed users to the option to show wait times on the map.

Results page interactions on mobile

Role: Senior UX Designer & Researcher
Skills: Interaction Design, Wireframing, Prototyping, Moderated User Testing

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