A customizable dashboard to surface timely information that users needed to be productive.
Front-line reps: Keep track of their tickets and clearly see which ones need action.
Managers: See trends relating to sites and their teams service requests.
Status page showing when servers and sites are down or have known issues affecting their uptime or data quality. Interviews and testing reveled that users weren’t using this page as a part of their workflow. They didn’t understand the data. We updated the visuals and micro copy to improve understanding.
Alert emails for site or server issues. Users can choose to receive daily or weekly digests instead of getting real-time alerts which user interviews reveled as flooding many users inboxes.
Allowing users to set which types of alerts they want was another way we solved for the problem of users getting too many emails. 
Role: Senior Product Designer
Skills: Interaction Design, Prototyping, Moderated User Testing

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